CoolSculpting Photos - Case #183

Patient Case #183


This is a 45 year-old patient was unhappy with the size of her thighs and wanted to to see if Coolsculpting® could help. This patient also was losing weight, but complained that even when she is at her lower weight, her thighs would still rub together. When she came in, she asked us to help her make it so her thighs didn’t touch when she walked. This patient had Coolsculpting treatment on outer, inner, and back of her thighs. She is thrilled with her and is more comfortable walking and in shorts! By sculpting several area’s on her thighs with the COOLSMOOTH PRO™, we were able to reduce the size of her saddlebags and her inner thighs, and by DualSculpting, we were able to save this busy patient time as well!

Patient Gender: Female

Patient Age: 45
  • It was an amazing experience and I am recommending this location to everyone

    Lisa D.

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    Taylor R.

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    Gabrielle T.