9 Reasons to Choose Us!

9 Reasons To Choose CoolSculpting Experts

We Specialize In CoolSculpting

We have been in business for over 20 years and have seen and experienced many body contouring treatments. We always demo new technologies even if we don’t purchase. CoolSculpting is a HUGE breakthrough technology! We would have never guessed back when we first opened that we would be able to freeze fat and make it go away… FOREVER! We decided to open a luxury CoolSculpting Center. The expansion was amazing with beautiful and our CoolSculpting suites are equipped with every applicator for full body coolsculpting.

We Are One Of The Largest CoolSculpting Clinics In The World

We love doing CoolSculpting! We started in 2011 and grew with the CoolSculpting company Zeltiq now (Allergan) as they designed and developed the CoolSculpting procedure. The demand was overwhelming. Patients wanted to cool sculpt many entire body. We have over 8 years of experience with CoolSculpting alone, along with over 20 years experience with skin, so we know the best technologies to offer our patients!

We Have All CoolSculpting Applicators

We always have the most up to date applicators to maximize your treatment results. We have 30 Applicators & 4 coolsculpting machines. We are able to treat thighs, chin, arms, bra, knees, Abdomen, flanks and many other areas. If you have an area of fat you want gone, we have all the tools available.

We Have CoolTone

Just when you thought that CoolSculpting could not get anymore advanced we got CoolTone technology CoolTone, with CoolSculpting gets amazing results because we are treating fat and Muscle. CoolTone helps build, strengthen, and tighten muscle(s) and tone the body. What’s the point of freezing fat if you don’t have toned, firm muscles? CoolTone is a phenomenal addition to your body transformation. We are the first in Scottsdale to offer this latest technology. CoolTone, just like CoolSculpting, can be used to treat full body.

Amazing Results

Our focus as CoolSculpting Experts is to get YOU your BEST RESULTS! During your initial consultation we will discuss and access your area of concern and guide you in the best direction for you to achieve your transformation goals! CoolSculpting and CoolTone is not the best option for everyone. Do not feel discouraged, if that is the case. We have many other technologies, such as Profound RF that tightens skin.

Experienced Staff

Our coolsculpting experts have completed not just the basic but are also Masters Certified! When you are considering CoolSculpting, look no further. Our technicians are educated, experienced, and encouraging especially when it comes to sculpting and contouring the body. They work closely with clients to ensure comfort and success.

Pampering Patient Experience

Our clinic is located in the heart of Scottsdale next to Starbucks Coffee! Each treatment room has a luxurious massage bed and large flat-screen TV. We have over 200 Apple TV movies in Hi-Def as well as Netflix and Amazon Prime. We provide complementary coffee espresso as well as healthy snacks. Many of our patients will come in for a full day of CoolSculpting treatment using all four of our machines to treat the full body at the same time.

We Have The Best Technologies For Complete Head-To-Toe Treatments

Many of our clients are so focused on sculpting and contouring the body, they forget to treat their skin with the TLC it deserves. After all, our skin is the largest organ of the body, and also tends to get the most neglected. We often treat our patient’s skin while they are receiving CoolSculpting treatments. A quick “3 Step Peel by ZO Skin Health” is a very effective step in the right direction when beginning to take care of your skin. Some may also want to take their body transformations to the next level and start our Ideal Protein Diet Plan with CoolSculpting/CoolTone. The options are endless!

Dual Sculpting … Tri-Sculpt …Quad-Sculpt…..

We have 4 CoolSculpting machines and 1 CoolTone machine. We can treat up to 5 areas on the body at once with CoolSculpting. Trust us… IT’S POSSIBLE! Many patients receive CoolSculpting in additional to CoolTone. Why not get some Jeuveau Newtox to erase wrinkles!

  • It was an amazing experience and I am recommending this location to everyone

    Lisa D.

  • They are the experts at many things

    Taylor R.

  • Such a game changer

    Gabrielle T.