I came here recently for some lip filler and cheek filler and I honestly couldn’t be more pleased with my results! When I came in for my appointment I was very impressed with all of the beautiful art they have displayed around their office! Made it feel less like a doctors office which made me more relaxed and comfortable . I was nervous to have any filler done because I am so terrified of needles but Dr. Brown made the process so smooth for me. He assured me that I would feel almost nothing and he went ahead and actually numbed my mouth with a block so that I could feel nothing! Im a very anxious person so this was really important for me it made the rest of the procedure very easy going. I told Dr.Brown exactly how I wanted my lips to look and made multiple photo references, he let me use a mirror to watch/critique exactly the way I wanted them to make sure I was happy! Dr. Brown was so understanding of my anxiety he played calm music to help me get comfortable and we did not start until I was ready! Overall I had a great experience and will be returning here again in the future for any filler needs.