Sensational Skin has transformed my life! From Coolsculpting to their facial treatments, I’ve been getting countless compliments on my skin and body. I was always a skeptic when it came to magic fat reduction treatments, but after seeing results from a close friend of mine, it didn’t take much convincing to try Coolsculpting.

First off, the entire Sensational Skin Staff is absolutely wonderful. Jamie, Susan, Margret, and Dr. Brown love them all! They are always very responsive to my questions, always check up on me when Im in the treatment rooms, and are very friendly and welcoming. The place itself is clean, luxurious, and comfortable.

Now for my treatment, Coolsculpting. Incredible! I got 1 session on my hips, and 1 session on my Belly, and its only been a 1 month, but I can already see impressive results. They say typically you see results within 1-3 months so this was a surprise to me to see results so quickly.

Apparently, the belly is one of the most sensitive area to treat, so it did hurt a little bit in the beginning due to the suction, but after about 10 mins it started to numb and I was comfortable for the rest of the session. The hips were completely PAINLESS. I fell asleep to Netflix movie. Which is another nice perk of getting your Coolsculpting here. The room is fully equipped with a million pillows and blankets to keep you comfy, and Netflix to help you pass the time.

I also decided to start ZO Obagi Skin Program with multiple IPL Facial treatments and 1 Laser Resurfacing treatment, and this was a game changer. Ive abused my skin so much in the sun, had sun spots and fine lines. Commit to aggressive regime and your skin will be transformed. What’s a better investment than always putting your best face forward?