Arm lifts are this spring and summer’s hottest cosmetic surgery procedure. Women (and a surprising number of men) want to trade their bat wings for Michele Obama’s well-toned upper arms. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ annual survey, 15,457 American women and 321 men had upper arm lifts in 2012.

Since 2000, upper arm lift procedures have experienced unprecedented growth, increasing 4,378%! While the First Lady’s arms are the most admired, women also envy the buff arms of Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Biel, Kelly Ripa and Demi Moore.

Surgical removal of upper arm flab by a plastic surgeon comes with a hefty price tag, $3,939 per arm, according to the ASPS! Rather than go under the knife, many savvy women (and men) are choosing Scottsdale CoolSculpting to banish unsightly bat wings and tone their upper arms.

A completely non-invasive procedure, CoolSculpting is the revolutionary way of removing excess fat that provides the same advantages of cosmetic surgery without the surgical risks, pain and long recovery times. CoolSculpting freezes away excess fat, using extreme cold to kill fat cells which the body sloughs off naturally.

The procedure takes about an hour, and you can return to your normal activities immediately without restriction. Because it can take the body a while to slough off dead fat cells, you may have to wait a month or so to see the full results; but our patients say the results are worth waiting for!