CoolSculpting offers a desirable alternative to cosmetic surgery. Many women and men would like to eliminate stubborn deposits of body fat and have a more attractive body shape but have understandable concerns about undergoing cosmetic surgery. The expense, risk of complications, and downtime necessary for surgery and recovery are the most common objections people raise after investigating plastic surgery solutions. Bruising, pain and fear that they will not be happy with the results are also frequent concerns. The perceived violence of plastic surgery (the fact that your body is being cut into) is another formidable deterrent for many people who do not wish to undergo unnecessary surgery.

For the many people with these and similar concerns, CoolSculpting offers a welcome and practical solution to the elimination of unwanted body fat that does not respond to normal diet and exercise. CoolSculpting is a completely non-invasive procedure that is entirely external, pain free (some people feel a mild tingling or pulling sensation) and affordable. Best of all, there is no downtime with CoolSculpting. The procedure takes about an hour and can be accomplished during your lunch break. After your CoolSculpting procedure, you can return to work and engage in your normal activities immediately and without restriction. Your physical activities are not hampered by CoolSculpting as they typically are by liposuction, tucks, lifts and other cosmetic surgery procedures.

For women and men that are looking for a kinder, gentler way to achieve a slimmer, more sculpted, more attractive body shape, CoolSculpting offers the perfect solution!