In today’s world of political correctness, we may not like to admit it, but we humans seem to have a natural bias that favors attractiveness. Attractive people get preferential treatment. Physically attractive men and women are more likely to have better jobs, make more money and be promoted faster than their plainer peers.

Numerous studies have shown that attractive people have an easier time as they make their way through life. Juries are more lenient on attractive defendants. Attractive people are more likely to get off with a warning when stopped by a police officer. Retail associates are more accommodating when waiting on attractive people. Hiring agents are more likely to hire attractive people. Attractive people get more date offers on online dating sites. Attractive people are considered more approachable and have an easier time making friends. Even babies seem to prefer attractive faces!

Naturally, beauty bias becomes less important as people get to know each other. No amount of beauty can overcome the alienation of an unattractive personality. But beauty definitely gives people an edge. It gets you noticed, helps you get your foot in the door and gives you opportunities that less attractive people may never get. Perhaps most importantly, when you feel good about the way you look, you act more confidently, which can be powerful advantage in its own right.

By banishing the problem areas that make us feel unattractive, Scottsdale CoolSculpting can help restore your self-confidence and help you conquer the beauty bias!