Coolsculpting On The Doctor Show
Coolsculpting On The Doctor Show

Doctors love spreading the word about revolutionary procedures. That’s why the physicians of the CBS show “The Doctors” recently chose to feature CoolSculpting!

The show profiled real CoolSculpting patients and discussed the dramatic results of the procedure. One woman who had used CoolSculpting to tone her “saddlebag” thighs shared her story on the show.

After the procedure, she was finally able to feel comfortable and confident about her body – even in a bathing suit. She also jumpstart lifestyle changes to lose 40 pounds in two months.

“The Doctors” profile shows exactly why so many doctors and patients are turning to CoolSculpting as a simple procedure with high-impact results.

Why CoolSculpting is Turning Heads

Why are people in the media are taking notice of CoolSculpting? Both doctors and patients love it.

Doctors prefer to avoid risky, invasive procedures. CoolSculpting has no piercing, no cutting, no injections. Celebrity doctors and local physicians alike see the benefits of achieving safe fat removal without surgery.

Patients like those profiled on “The Doctors” are excited by the prospect of sculpting stubborn fat areas without rolling the dice with risky procedures or extreme diets.

With more coverage in the media, CoolSculpting is developing the reputation it deserves for safe fat reduction and body toning.

Most of us have some fat in tricky areas. Diet and exercise simply cannot target specific areas of the body. To find out about how CoolSculpting can attack those stubborn fat deposits, contact us now for information!