Have you ever been invited to a formal dinner party or event? If you have, you immediately begin to fantasize about going out and buying the cutest little black dress. You envision a night of pure perfection, while you enjoy a lovely meal surrounded by intelligent people. And then, you remember…you have “bat wings”. All of those fantasies go up in smoke.

The CoolSculpting Solution

For many of us women, it doesn’t matter how much attention we pay to our diets or how much exercise we get, we’re still going to struggle with unwanted flab. As we get older, that flab becomes more pronounced, and it becomes terribly embarrassing. CoolSculpting offers us a great solution to this problem because it targets the areas that working out doesn’t touch. If you have experienced the dreaded “bat wings”, or fat under your arms, you know how difficult it is to shrink it. CoolSculpting is the answer.

The Non-Surgical Solution

The best thing about CoolSculpting is that it offers you a non-surgical solution to getting rid of unwanted fat. Just an appointment in our office is all it takes to begin the process of freezing those disgusting fat cells, transforming your arms into something beautiful again.

Don’t cancel your dinner party or event. Embrace the fun! Contact us to make your appointment today.