Want to show mom how much you appreciate her? Tuck a gift certificate for Scottsdale CoolSculpting into the bouquet of flowers or card you give her on Mother’s Day. (A CoolSculpting by Sensational Skin gift certificate also makes a terrific last-minute gift if you forgot the big day is this Sunday, May 12.)

Pregnancy takes a toll on a woman’s body that no amount of dieting or exercise can completely erase. Your wife certainly wouldn’t trade your wee ones for her old size 6 wardrobe; but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t miss the slim, sexy body that caught your eye before junior came along. The gift of CoolSculpting shows the mother of your children that you appreciate all the work she’s put in to get back in shape and that you want to help her reach her goals. It’s a way to show the woman you love that you think she’s just as beautiful and amazing today as she was the day you were married.

CoolSculpting also makes a perfect Mother’s Day gift for your mom. Over time we all start to lose the battle with age and gravity. You may think your mom looks perfect, but she probably wishes certain areas of her body were a little less soft and round. CoolSculpting can help your mom tone up problem areas without surgery so she can enjoy the way she looks in summer clothes.

On Mother’s Day, give the women you love the gift of beauty — CoolSculpting!