Hula Hooping Exercise
Hula Hooping Exercise

No one wants to see an unattractive muffin top spilling over the waistband of summer shorts or poking out under cropped tops. Muffin tops are hard to get rid of, but a healthy diet and targeted exercise program can help minimize the winter buildup of excess abdominal fat.

A combination of cardio exercises to strengthen your core and resistance training to tone muscles is the key to getting rid of muffin top. Any good cardio exercise that works your stomach muscles and exercises your waist will help diminish excess abdominal fat. Try Zumba, walking, jogging, swimming, jumping rope or hula hooping. Choosing an exercise you enjoy will make it easier to stick with it.

You don’t have to wait until you can slip off to the gym to work off muffin top. Use these chair exercises to help tone your stomach and waist while you’re at work:

  • Chair twist: Hold a stack of books in front of you while sitting in a chair. Keeping your shoulders and elbows aligned, twist to the right and look over your shoulder. Return to center; then twist to the left. Repeat.
  • Thigh squeeze: At the office or in the car, squeeze your thighs together as tightly as possible while sucking in your gut. Hold for 20 seconds and repeat as often as possible.

Diet and exercise can only do so much. Scottsdale CoolSculpting can banish unsightly muffin top without pain or surgery. Visit our website to find out more.