Talk about multi-tasking: the speed and ease of CoolSculpting is leading many people to undergo the simple fat reduction treatment on a lunch break from work. Considering the procedure can take an hour or less and requires zero recovery time, it makes sense to choose this option for rapid weight loss.

Fox 47 News just featured Michelle Jurich of Lansing, Mich. while she let reporters get the scoop on how the procedure works. Jurich went in for a facelift using the CoolSculpting technology. Doctors apply a special gel to an area of stubborn fat deposits, and a suction-cup device targets and freezes the fat cells.

After the lunchtime appointment, Michelle was right back at work like thousands of other CoolSculpting patients.

The FDA-approved treatment achieves wow-factor results safely and gradually over the weeks following the procedure. The frozen fat cells essentially die off and get flushed out of the body like any other dead cells.

No cuts, no injections. Unlike liposuction and other surgeries, CoolSculpting isn’t painful and doesn’t leave you with lingering soreness (there’s just a little tingling during the freezing process). Patients do not need bed rest or other special precautions afterward.

Just as you saw on Fox 47 News, if you can spare an hour in order to get rid of chubby thighs, love handles, or other unwanted fatty tissues. contact us for more info!