Coolblast Away Those Unwanted Fatty Sections
CoolFit Away Those Unwanted Fatty Sections

Memorial Day is nearly here and the weather is heating up. Soon men will be whipping off their shirts to beat the heat as they play on the beach, chill by the pool or sweat over lawn and gardening chores. So guys, take a good look in the mirror and ask yourself if you’re ready to doff your shirt this summer.

If bulging love handles, an obvious beer belly or embarrassing man boobs will make you too embarrassed to reduce your shirt, the time to take action is now! You don’t have to go under the knife to get rid of stubborn excess fat. CoolSculpting is the revolutionary new, non-surgical answer to cosmetic surgery.

The non-invasive, pain-free process freezes fat cells, crystallizing them so the body can slough off unwanted fat naturally. Specialized CoolFit equipment allows Scottsdale CoolSculpting to better target problem areas and beautifully sculpt the abdominal, upper hip and thigh, upper arm and male breast areas. Check out our online photo gallery to see what a difference CoolSculpting can make in the way you look.

While you and your main squeeze will see some improvement in your physique immediately, it can take the body several months to slough off dead skin cells; so you’ll have to wait a bit for the big reveal! All the more reason to make your Scottsdale CoolSculpting appointment today and get a jump on summer!

Don’t hide behind your clothes this summer. Go shirtless with CoolSculpting!