Couples Coolsculpting is poised to join couples cosmetic surgery as one of this year’s hottest new trends. Cosmetic surgeons from California to New York and Florida are reporting a significant jump in the number of married couples who are coming in together to schedule facelifts, Botox, liposuction and other appearance enhancing procedures. Scottsdale, AZ Coolsculpting experts are noticing a similar trend among clients who prefer to take a safer, non-surgical approach to removing unwanted fat and improving their appearance.

With people living and working longer, people want to turn back the clock and look as young as they feel. The couples’ trend seems to be rooted in the sentiment, “If you’re going to look good, I want to look good, too.”

Some physicians have reported a 30% jump in couples’ requests for cosmetic procedures, although both parties don’t necessarily request the same procedure. Typically, each person requests treatment to address his or her own problem areas with the goal that both people will feel younger and more attractive when treatments are complete. (Click here to see what a difference Coolsculpting can make in your appearance.)

Couples say undergoing Coolsculpting together is a way to rejuvenate their appearance — and their marriage! For these couples, scheduling Coolsculpting together is another healthy way to share their life together. Visit our website to find out more about Coolsculpting for couples.