There’s only one kind of muffin top that’s yummy and it’s not the one hanging around your middle and flowing over the waistband of your jeans! Unsightly and all too evident in warm and sunny Arizona where light-weight summer clothing, shorts and bathing suits are year-round attire, muffin top is hard to lose once it settles around your middle. Unlike our northern cousins who can hide a multitude of sins (and a fairly large muffin top) under their bulky cold-weather clothes for most of the year, in Scottsdale our problem areas are on year-round display!

If you’re diligent about eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly, you can probably reduce your muffin top, but you’ll probably need some help from Scottsdale CoolSculpting to actually get rid of the stubborn fat cells that cause muffin top. Of course, after your CoolSculpting procedure, maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help keep your muffin top from growing back.

After your CoolSculpting procedure, use these diet and exercise tips to banish muffin top forever:

  • Keep moving. Don’t stop exercising after you reach your goal. Continue a regular routine of aerobic exercise and strength training and look for ways to add more movement to your daily activities.
  • Healthy diet. Eat a balanced diet and avoid mindless eating. Start reading food labels, choose low-calorie food and exercise reasonable portion control. You don’t have to give up favorite foods or treats, but avoid overindulging.

Banish muffin top forever; make an appointment for Scottsdale CoolSculpting today!