Fun and flirty, sundresses are the only way to keep your cool and beat the heat in this summer of record-breaking temperatures. The only drawback is that sundresses expose more of your figure to view which means that those nasty problem areas you’ve been so careful to keep hidden from view are likely to be on full display when you waltz out of the house in a cute little sundress.

You can maximize style and minimize attention to unflattering problem areas by choosing sundresses that flatter your shape.

  • If you carry your weight around your hips, thighs and fanny, look for sundresses with an interesting neckline that takes attention off your problem areas and shifts it up toward your face. Look for sundresses with strappy halter tops, soft pleating across the bosom and a defined waist that redirect attention away from your lower body. Sundresses with softly gathered skirts in floaty fabrics provide ample room for hips but still cling gently to curves, accenting your femininity.
  • If you’re on the busty side, balance your top-heavy figure by looking for sundresses that are fitted on top with skirts that flare out at the hips. To keep your support bra under wraps, look for sundresses with wide shoulder straps and higher necklines that show only a modest amount of cleavage, such as square cuts, slight V-necks, slight scoops and jewel neckline.

To be continued

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