Designers are featuring a leaner look in men’s swimwear this year. Swim trunks for 2014 are slimmer, shorter and, in many cases, more body-hugging than in past years. The look is called International but styles feature a somewhat more revealing European cut.

Despite the slimmer silhouette, men’s swimwear styles haven’t changed much from last year. Swim shorts and board shorts remain the most popular styles; although traditional trunks and, yes, even Speedos shouldn’t be too hard. However, unless you’re training for the next Olympics, Speedos won’t win you any fashion points around the club pool this summer.

Men’s swimwear is going bold for summer with vibrant North African prints, retro preppy plaids, surreal prints and eye-searing neon solids. For men who prefer a more tailored look, this summer’s crop of navy, black and white swim shorts are anything but bland. Swimwear designers are using textured fabrics, belts and striped accents to add a pop of visual interest to push more traditional cuts into the fashion spotlight. (Click here for a peek at this summer’s top men’s swimwear fashions.)

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