Most of us have those problem areas on our bodies that simply will not budge, even through rigorous diet and exercise. After a while, we can get pretty discouraged, and lack of results has caused more than one person to fall off the weight loss wagon in the past.

Is Liposuction An Option?

Liposuction has long been an option that many people have tried. Liposuction is an invasive, surgical procedure that has a lot of side effects, and some downtime following the procedure. It’s painful too. Even so, some people have been so determined to get rid of those stubborn fat deposits, they were willing to do anything. For a while, Liposuction seemed to be the logical solution to their problem. However, now non surgical body sculpting provides people with a better alternative.


CoolSculpting is non surgical body sculpting that is designed to quickly target the areas you want to treat, while getting back into your regular activities immediately. Many of our clients visit our office during an extended lunch break, and then they return to work right after their treatments. CoolSculpting is non invasive, which means you won’t have any of the side effects associated with Liposuction.

Lipsuction is a risky procedure, whereas non surgical body sculpting isn’t. Want to learn more about CoolSculpting? Contact us to schedule your consultation today!