Summer Shape Up
Summer Shape Up

Spring fashions are all about the waist. Cute cropped jackets, short cinched-waist trench coats, hug-me-tight sexy wrap-dresses and waist-hugging bolero jackets dominate designer collections for spring. With all the focus on the waist, it’s time to take a serious look in the mirror to see if your middle is ready for the fashion spotlight. If not, you might need a bit a “middle management” from the Coolsculpting experts at Sensational Skin in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Get Some “Middle” Management

Coolsculpting Scottsdale can make unsightly muffin tops disappear and sculpt your waist into the sexy hourglass shape that spring fashions are made to hug. With Coolsculpting, back fat, thick waists and poufy tums seem to melt away. It’s quick and painless, and there’s no surgery or recovery time. And best of all – it works! Click here to check out before-and-after photos of actual Coolsculpting clients to see what a difference this amazing fat reducing procedure can make in your appearance.

Coolsculpting is for Men Too!

And men, Coolsculpting isn’t just for women. The procedure can pare down those not-so-lovely love handles and get rid of that chunky spare tire or unsightly hangover you’ve been carrying around all winter. No matter what the season, belts and pants keep the fashion focus on a man’s waist. With Coolsculpting, your waist will be worthy of attention.

Get ready for spring fashions; schedule your Coolsculpting appointment today!