In corporate America, fat is out and thin is in! In recent years the high cost of health care has given rise to a corporate movement to improve employee health. A healthy employee is not only a happier employee, he or she is also less expensive to insure. Uncertainty over how the new federal health insurance requirements — poised to go into effect in 2014 — are going to impact corporate bottom lines has pushed employer-sponsored wellness programs into  high gear.

What started as a campaign to stop workplace smoking and the chronic diseases and expensive medical costs that went with it has expanded into a general wellness campaign to create a healthier — and cheaper to insure — work force. From flu clinics to onsite Weight Watchers groups to corporate discounts at local health clubs, corporations are encouraging their employees to get fit and stay healthy.

At many companies  concerned about the escalating  cost of health care, the unspoken policy is clear. If you want to be hired, keep your job or move up the corporate ladder, trim down and lose those extra pounds.

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