Once again, CoolSculpting is making positive waves in the news. Shape magazine has taken an in depth look at this FDA approved non-surgical procedure that eliminates body fat. This popular fitness magazine talks about the same procedure our CoolSculpting experts at Sensational Skin do on a daily basis. 

The article focuses on how CoolSculpting can create thigh gap. The thighs are just the latest part of the body that the technology has been FDA approved to be used on. The approval came this past March after extensive trials. 

Proven to work

According to the article, 86 percent of the people who participated in the trial saw visible thigh reduction within four months of getting the treatment. 

How it works

It’s a painless procedure that doesn’t require anesthesia. Controlled cooling is used to expose fat cells. During the two-hour session, the fat cells are naturally killed by patented cooling technology. According to Shape magazine, after the procedure there might be light bruising, but that’s in rare cases.

Who it works best for

The article also mentions that if you’re planning to get CoolSculpting, it’s best that you already have a healthy lifestyle. This is because the procedure only penetrates up to an inch and a half under the skin. 

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