Here at Sensational Skin, we do much more than just the non surgical body sculpting treatments known as CoolSculpting. No matter what your problem areas are, whether you struggle with unsightly cellulite, or you want to simply look younger, we have treatments that are perfect for you.

Velashape Circumferential Reduction

Cellulite is a pain. It’s impossible to get rid of these fat deposits through diet and exercise alone, and unfortunately, cellulite seems to be something that visits all of us as we get older. Although, some people struggle with cellulite all of their lives. Velashape Circumferential Reduction is a non surgical treatment that re-shapes and re-contours your body. Velashape combines light and bi-polar radio frequencies to disperse those stubborn fat cells, giving your body the shape you’ve always wanted after only a few treatments.


Ultherapy is an innovative face-lift treatment that doesn’t require surgery. Ultherapy uses light, infrared heat, and ultrasound waves to tone and lift the areas around your eyes, your face and your neck. The instruments target the tissue deep within the surface of your skin to give you results that last and look fantastic.

Whether you’re interested in non surgical body sculpting, or you have other areas that are giving you trouble, Skin Sensations can give you a personalized consultation that suits your needs. Contact us today!