Whether you’re committed to your weight loss goals or just have some extra rubber in that spare tire, a pretty amazing new procedure can actually freeze fat away.

Remember when you were a kid and you used to suck on icy popsicles? Some kids actually developed dimples from this according to doctors. A study on this phenomenon found that fat cells in the children’s cheeks disappeared, causing a dimple. Scientists figured out this fat-freezing technique can be applied to people’s stubborn love handles or other problem areas. The method doctors now use to put fat on ice and melt it away is called CoolSculpting®. It’s like liposuction in that it targets undesirable fat in areas such as your belly, thighs, etc. Where it’s not like liposuction – pretty much every other category.

With Coolsculpting there’s no anesthesia, no knives, no needles, very little down time and it is quite affordable.  Doctors say patients will notice a reduction in the fat in the treated area after the initial treatment. If more fat loss is desired, additional visits can further address fat loss goals.

Perhaps the best part, the results are if the patient maintains a healthy diet and exercise routine. CoolSculpting® is heating up and becoming more talked about throughout the country. “The Dr. Oz Show” recently featured an entire segment on the procedure. If weight and fat loss is a hot button issue for you, CoolSculpting® may be worth checking out for yourself because as it’s commonly said in doctors’ circles, “You have nothing to lose except the fat.”