With summer heat shimmering on the horizon, it’s time to start shopping for sleeveless Ts and camis and back-baring sundresses. But if you’re one of the many women bothered by back fat, you may not be looking forward to exposing your bra-line bulges to view.

We all have our little problem areas; unsightly bulges that you can’t seem to get rid of no matter how carefully you watch your diet or how often you hit the gym. Like muffin tops, love handles and underarm “wings,” back fat is one of those problem areas that can be nearly impossible to get rid of without help.

You can hide back fat with the right type of clothes; but you’ll have to trade your pretty backless sundresses and cute camisole tops for less form-fitting cuts. Using liposuction, a plastic surgeon can suction out excess fat; but there’s some risk and down time involved and many patients experience pain and bruising. Or you can schedule a completely non-invasive, painless, highly effective Coolsculpting treatment.

Coolsculpting is a revolutionary way of removing unwanted fat from problem areas by freezing it to death! Application of the Coolsculpting handpiece deep freezes fat cells under the skin. Over the next 2 to 3 months, your body eliminates the dead cells naturally, making back fat disappear. (Watch a Coolsculpting demonstration on the Dr. Oz Show.)

Check out our before and after photos. Then schedule your Coolsculpting session today and say hello to summer!