Surgical solutions to fat reduction have a lot of negative side effects and characteristics. Not only are they risky, but they also take up a lot of time because of the recovery period that’s involved with them.

You’re busy, and your time is precious. It’s difficult enough to find time to eat a nutritious diet and get in enough exercise with all that you have going on. Surgical fat reduction isn’t a great option for many people because they simply don’t have the time to devote to it that’s required. That’s what makes CoolSculpting such a great option. 

Weight loss surgery and even liposuction carry a lot of risks, and those who choose these paths usually end up in a lengthy period of recovery. During that time, not only are they able to exercise, but they’re also not able to actively participate in their lifestyle. The amount of downtime they experience makes these choices less than ideal. CoolSculpting is different. Many clients are satisfied with their results after just one treatment. A treatment might consist of you taking an extended lunch break to spend in our office. Once you’re finished, you’ll return to work and your other regular activities.

Coolsculpting just makes sense, especially with your busy schedule. To make your CoolSculpting appointment, and to begin to see real results, contact us today!