Perhaps you’ve heard of CoolSculpting, and you may have even had an opportunity to talk with some of our clients to get their feelings about their experience with this incredible fat-freezing technique that’s quickly taking the place of Liposuction and other surgical forms of fat reduction.

Many of our clients ask us what it means to be CoolSculpting Certified, so we thought we would cover this in a blog post to clarify what it means.

Certification, in any field, means that you have achieved a particular standard of knowledge in that area. For us, the area is in providing our clients with exceptional CoolSculpting services. Many clinics may offer CoolSculpting as a fat reduction option, however, unless they are certified, it’s best to stick with a clinic that has achieved professional certification status.

Our technicians are trained and tested on how to use the CoolSculpting applicators. They understand how the equipment works, and they know precisely how to follow the physician’s directions regarding your treatment. Likewise, our physicians have a unique understanding of how CoolSculpting works, and they will be able to instantly tell you whether this type of treatment would be beneficial for you.

If you’re looking for the experts in CoolSculpting, you’ve found them! If you’d like to make an appointment for your initial consultation, contact us today!