If you could slim down one part of your body, which would you choose? Millions of people agree: the most stubborn area is thigh fat.

The new CoolSmooth Applicator works particularly well on the outer thighs, or “saddlebags.” If you have difficult, non-pinchable fat on your thighs, this device offers a proven successful treatment option.

Many people think that problems areas like saddlebags require invasive surgery. With CoolSmooth, patients get the safe, effective results of CoolSculpting without a single incision.

The New Way to Treat Saddlebag Fat

We’re happy to announce this perfect addition to the CoolSculpting line of treatment options at our offices. If outer thighs are your problem area, there’s never been a better way to get rid of the fat!

Like other CoolSculpting treatments, the CoolSmooth Applicator delivers medically proven fat reduction:

  • The CoolSmooth Applicator targets fat and freezes the cells, eliminating them non-surgically
  • The fat layer gradually reduces over the weeks following the procedure
  • Patients typically feel no major discomfort and can immediately return to normal activities

We added the CoolSmooth Applicator to our available treatment options because the design works perfectly on outer thighs — and we know many people struggle the most to get rid of non-pinchable thigh fat.

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect way to get rid of saddlebags… this is it! Contact us at Sensational Skin to schedule a consultation and find out more.