We’ve seen incredible success with our patients here at Sensational Skin, and it’s exciting to see others having the same experiences. Recently, CoolSculpting was featured in the news in an article in Elle Magazine. The author gave a detailed account of her experience with CoolSculpting treatments, and she was thrilled with the results.

She states that she had six treatments in total, and it was her goal to focus on reducing the excess fat cells in her thighs. She had two treatments on her inner thighs and four treatments on her outer thighs. After three months, she was able to see a visible difference in their appearance.

She goes on to indicate that each treatment was absolutely painless because it’s non-invasive. In fact, she actually fell asleep during some of the hour-long procedures.

CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved fat reduction method that really works. There are no harmful side effects like you might find with more invasive procedures, and patients are immediately able to return to their regular activities.

It’s exciting to see CoolSculpting in the news! Maybe it’s time you checked out CoolSculpting for yourself. Here at Sensational Skin, we specialize in helping our patients reduce their unwanted fat, and this innovative procedure has changed their lives for the better. We would love the opportunity to help you see excellent results too.

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