As more people take note of the incredible results of CoolSculpting, style experts have begun touting the procedure as the next big thing in dealing with flabby stomachs. GQ even recently profiled CoolSculpting as a “holy grail” of non-invasive fat removal.

The men’s lifestyle and culture magazine featured doctors and patients of CoolSculpting in its October 2014 issue. Across the country, people have begun hearing more about how and why the procedure works.

CoolSculpting for men appeals to style gurus like GQ because of its many key benefits:

  • Fast and easy procedure
  • No incisions, no scarring
  • Helps get rid of love handles, pooches, and “man-boobs”
  • Gives men the chance to overcome the most stubborn fat deposits

All of that adds up to better bodies, more confidence, and a fresh perspective on getting in shape. From new fathers working on flabby bellies and love handles to older men struggling with difficult fat areas, CoolSculpting appears to be the new go-to solution.

More media coverage helps more men discover how convenient and effective fat-freezing is compared to other more invasive and risky procedures.

New treatments take some time to gain acceptance, but CoolSculpting is becoming part of men’s style and culture very quickly — after all, you have to take care of the belly before you can look good in that tailored Italian suit.

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