How are those New Year’s resolutions working out for you? Right about now, millions of people across the country are wondering what happened to their weight and fat loss goals as they look at the calendar and see spring, and gasp, summer sneaking up on them.

The onset (or the threat) of warmer weather means the opportunity, and in many hotter regions, to wear less clothing. It’s this time of year many Americans hop back on their pacts to change their bodies for the better – to get healthier, get into the gym more often, get that chin lift or liposuction treatment that have been put off.

Did you know there’s actually a totally non-invasive treatment that will freeze fat away? The procedure, known as CoolSculpting, doesn’t burn, shatter, or extract any cells.

“It was developed by Harvard scientists and is a unique, FDA-cleared, patented procedure that uses a targeted cooling process that kills the fat cells underneath the skin, literally freezing them. After that, these fat cells get eliminated from the body. The entire elimination process can take a couple of months for the best results to be fully realized.” You can read more about Coolsculpting and how it works on the Coolsculpting machine website.

There are still several months before bikini season so now is the perfect time to look into CoolSculpting and book your treatment. To get started call us at (480) 596-9111 our friendly staff will make it easy to lose the weight and trim that fat you’ve been struggling to get rid of since January.