When you pick out a pair of form-fitting jeans, it’s the rear view that matters. For a flattering fanny, choose bootcut or straight-legged jeans if you have a tummy problem, full hips or chunky thighs. For straight figures, skinny jeans are the most flattering. But the cut of your jeans isn’t the only thing that affects your rear view. Pocket shape and placement also play a role in how good you look from behind.

When choosing jeans, follow these pocket guidelines:

  • If you have a full fanny, choose jeans with large, straight pockets that are close together. Pockets that completely cover the lower portion of your bottom will distract the eye and make the area they cover seem smaller. Opt for unobtrusive stitching. You don’t want to call any more attention to your rear end than necessary.
  • If you have a flat fanny, angled pockets of any size, small or large, will help create an illusion of pleasing fullness. Embroidery, contrasting stitching and flaps will also appear to give your derriere more heft.
  • If you have a slightly sagging fanny, pockets that ride high on your rear and that are closely spaced will give the illusion of lift. Swirly or loopy embroidery will also add uplifting curves to your rear end.

You can choose your jeans for their ability to camouflage your rear view problem areas, but you don’t have to. Scottsdale CoolSculpting can get rid of annoying excess fat accumulations and banish problem areas.