Allure magazine’s annual Aging Survey pegs 30 as the age when American men and women think beauty peaks! Women actually said 31 and men, 29; but both agreed that women are most seductive at 30. The insecurity that typically accompanies a woman’s 30th birthday may add to her allure, but it does little for perceptions about her youth and beauty. According to the survey, 56% of women feel pressured by America’s youth culture which values youth and beauty over age and wisdom. Men were not as susceptible to social pressure as women, but 34% did admit concern about aging.

Neither U.S. women nor men are willing to succumb to signs of aging without a fight. Fully, 70% of men and women surveyed said they had adopted non-invasive anti-aging measures such as increasing exercise, eating a healthier diet and applying anti-aging facial creams. While only 1% of those surveyed admitted to having cosmetic surgery, 42% of women and 18% of men said they would consider Botox and anti-aging filler injections.

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