Muffin top is the aptly descriptive name we give unsightly fat that oozes over the waistband of our too-tight jeans or bulges out at the top of our favorite belt. We may try to hide our fat bulges behind cute little names but there’s nothing attractive about a roll of flab (we might as well be honest) overlapping the waistband of your summer shorts.

Eating the right foods can help reduce muffin top:

  • Add glutathione-rich avocados to salads and sandwiches. Glutathione helps block fat absorption during the digestive process. Avocados are also rich in fiber which makes you feel full longer. Avocados pack a lot of calories so limit yourself to a quarter of an avocado per meal.
  • Protein-packed nuts are rich in monounsaturated fats and Omega-3 fatty acids which help banish fat, particularly belly fat.
  • Make iced tea from antioxidant-rich green tea. The catechins in green tea may help reduce fat and promote greater calorie burn.
  • Snacking on low-fat yogurt can help you lose weight.

Summer is nearly here which means that people are going to be seeing a lot more of you — and not just the good-looking parts. Bright and breezy summer fashions call for leg-exposing shorts, upper arm-revealing sleeveless sundresses, and belly-baring crop tops. And then there are swimsuits which leave you no room to hide. Don’t let it all hang out, make an appointment for Scottsdale CoolSculpting to get rid of muffin top and other unsightly accumulations of excess fat.