Many of the procedures used to deal with stubborn pockets of body fat can do harm to the surrounding tissue. In most cases, these procedures involve extracting, burning or shattering fat cells. CoolSculpting is precise in that its effects are limited to fat cells thus making it a safer procedure with shorter downtime. So how does CoolSculpting eliminate fat your fat cells? With a process called apoptosis.

What is Apoptosis?
The CoolSculpting procedure involves using an applicator to apply freezing temperatures to your fat cells so that they die off. The process by which the cells die is called apoptosis. Once these cells die, they collapse and are naturally taken away by your body’s mechanism for removing dead cells. They are eventually processed by the liver and excreted as waste.

The Benefits of Losing Fat by Apoptosis
CoolSculpting causes apoptosis by freezing the fat through your skin. This means that the procedure is completely noninvasive. In other words, there is no need for anesthesia or cutting. You may be able to return to your normal activities right after having the procedure performed.

The process by which your body eliminates the fat cells is a gradual one and therefore there is no change in your blood lipids and your liver function is not affected.