Dieting is a proven way to lose weight, but did you know that what you eat is just as important as how much you eat? Certain foods can help you lose weight by curbing cravings, boosting metabolism or making you feel full longer. Check out our list of fat-busting superfoods.

Food Fat-Busters

1. Water. To eat less, drink a glass of water before each meal. If you don’t like water, sipping a cup of broth-based soup will have the same effect. If you feel hungry after being out in the heat, try drinking a glass of water first. The problem may be dehydration, not hunger.

2. Dark Chocolate. A small square of dark chocolate is a healthy way to satisfy sweet cravings.

3. Beans. A great source of protein and fiber, beans digest slowly, making you feel full longer.

4. Nuts. A small handful of protein-packed almonds, walnuts or pecans satisfies the munchies so you’ll eat less at mealtimes.

5. Greek Yogurt. Protein-rich Greek yogurt helps boost the production of calorie-burning muscle mass during strength training exercises.

6. Quinoa. With more protein and fiber than most grains, quinoa helps stabilize blood sugar levels so you feel satisfied and aren’t tempted to snack between meals.

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