Sometimes those last five or 10 pounds in problem areas can be the hardest to lose once you’ve neared your weight loss goals. With diet and exercise, it’s not easy to target specific areas you would rather see less of.

That’s where the CoolFit applicator, a brand new addition to the CoolSculpting system, comes in. The CoolFit is the fifth applicator introduced to the system that actually freezes away fat. Doctors say they are seeing tremendous results and can treat a broader range of patients with the new applicator as it can melt fat cells in hard to reach areas, and longer fat bulges. Many aesthetic specialists, such as the experts at Sensational Skin find that the addition of the CoolFit applicator to their CoolScuplting system, attracts patients who may not have been able to utilize the system initially. Doctors say the new applicator offers more versatility to the  CoolSculpting’s capabilities.

If you’re not familiar with CoolSculpting and just how revolutionary it is, you should know that in a short amount of time, it has begun revolutionizing the cosmetic treatment landscape. CoolSculpting procedures target fat in a particular area by freezing built up fat cells without harming tissue in surrounding areas. When the fat cells are cooled using this method, the patient’s body works to eliminate them. The best results are generally seen several weeks later when the majority of the fat cells have died off and have been naturally reduced from the body.

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