The Truth About Diet Foods
The Truth About Diet Foods

You’ve done your homework, you’re armed with plenty of good-for-you munchies and drinks, and you’re ready to start on your weight loss journey. However, like many people, once you get started, you’re not finding the scale tipping in your favor. How can that be? Shouldn’t eating healthier food make a difference?

The Truth about Diet Foods

Many foods and drinks that call themselves “diet” can actually be making you gain weight. For example, studies have shown that people who diet soda actually have waist sizes that are up to six times larger than those who don’t.

Most dieters also tend to fill their grocery carts with fat-free foods, which isn’t always a good idea either. Our bodies need some fat in order to stay healthy, and some fat-free options can do your body more harm than good. For example, fat-free salad dressing can actually block the absorption of some vitamins and minerals from the salad you eat.


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