Most people have a complicated relationship with their body. When you feel good about the way your body looks and feels you feel confident and empowered. But when you’re not happy with your body shape you may feel considerably less confident.

Food and exercise affect the way your body looks, but it’s a two-way street. Body image can affect your food and exercise choices. People with a healthy body image are more likely to exercise and make healthy food choices. People with a poor body image tend to be more sedentary and gravitate toward foods that are high in carbohydrates, sugar and fat. They are also more likely to engage in mindless eating which can pack on even more calories.

People who are unhappy about their body image can fall into an unhealthy pattern: You feel unhappy with your body, so you soothe yourself with unhealthy food which increases your weight which makes you feel even worse about your body! But you can break that cycle by being conscious of the food you put in your mouth. CoolSculpting can jump-start an improvement in body image by removing stubborn pockets of excess fat, those “problem areas” your mind dwells on when you think about your body. As your body shape improves your self-esteem gets a boost, encouraging you to keep making healthy choices.

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