Now that the warmer weather is here, you’re probably excited to take your exercise routine outside. However, it’s important to be sure you don’t overheat as the temperatures continue to rise in the coming weeks. Here are a few tips that will help you keep your cool while you work out.

Tip #1: Start out slowly

If you push yourself too fast once you start exercising outside, your body can overheat quickly. Exercise during the cooler parts of the day, and ease into your new routine.

Tip #2: Stay hydrated

Try to avoid too much caffeine and soda. Your body needs to have water to stay hydrated. Shoot for half your body weight in ounces each day.

Tip #3: Choose the pool

Swimming is great exercise, and it will refresh you too. Try swimming laps instead of your usual morning jog on those particularly hot days.

Tip #4: Dress for the weather

Be sure to dress for the weather as the temperatures go up. Remember, you’re going to get hot, so be sure to wear something you can be comfortable in, and that breathes well.

Tip #5: Find a buddy

Exercising with a friend is a lot more fun, and it’s safer too!

CoolSculpting is an excellent option that can help you make the most of your summer workouts. For more information, or to make your appointment, contact us today!