In today’s business world you have to look the part to get – and keep – the job. Certainly, skills and experience count; but in the dog-eat-dog business world youthful vitality and vigor provide an undeniable competitive edge.

A Hint of Gray

American corporations seem to be looking for only “a hint of gray” in their managers and executives. Paunchy guts, flabby abs and man boobs are out. Today’s executives are expected to have the fit, trim bodies of men half their age.

An Uphill Battle

Unfortunately, maintaining a youthful appearance as the decades pass is an increasingly steep uphill battle. Proper diet and regular exercise help, but our bodies change with age, making it easier for food to turn into fat and more difficult to get rid of those excess fat cells. We develop stubborn fat spots that won’t budge no matter how many hours we put in at the gym.

The Path to Victory

Coolsculpting for men turns the tables on nature. An affordable, non-surgical alternative to cosmetic surgery, Coolsculpting is a revolutionary new body-sculpting technique that eliminates fat cells by freezing them. After fat cells die, the body eliminates them naturally. Gain without pain!

Coolsculpting can be scheduled before or after work or performed during your lunch hour. Look like a winner; schedule your Coolsculpting session today.