You’ve decided to try CoolSculpting to boost your weight loss efforts and sculpt your body. Congratulations! You’ve joined a wonderful community of people who are finally getting to see great results from their hard work.

You might be wondering which types of exercises will help you maintain your new, toned body. Read on!


Aerobic exercise is really good for your heart, and it works out your entire body. Many communities have classes you can join, or you can even work out with DVDs in your very own living room.


If you’re not ready to go for high-energy, high-impact exercises just yet, that’s OK too. There are many low-impact exercises you can do that will help you stay in shape. Walking every day has been proven to improve your stamina and help you lose weight. Swimming is also highly recommended because it burns a lot of calories and provides your body with excellent support.

Weight lifting

In all of your efforts to get in shape, make sure you’re spending some time working on your muscles. You might want to join a gym and talk with a trainer about the weights that are right for you. Before long, you’ll see great results from making weight lifting an important part of your routine.

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