During the summer months, it probably feels as though you’re constantly on the move, doesn’t it? It’s a good idea to make sure you have some healthy snacks on hand that are quick and easy for you to grab. Today, we thought we would offer you a few suggestions.

Cheese and Crackers: Simply slice some cheese the night before and keep it refrigerated. Pair it with some whole wheat crackers for a delicious and filling treat.

Finger Sandwiches: Make a few delicious sandwiches a few days ahead of time, and cut them in fours. These are easy to grab on the go, and you can be creative too! Fresh mozzarella cheese and tomato sandwiches are refreshing and filling in the summer.

Fresh Fruit: Keep an ample stock of fresh fruit on hand for a quick burst of energy as you head out the door.

Trail Mix: It’s not just for hiking anymore! Trail mix is a yummy treat, and you can even make it yourself right at home with your favorite nuts and dried fruit.

Choosing the right snacks is the best way to keep your metabolism high, and avoid eating foods that will cause a setback in your fitness goals.

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