It’s no secret that mobile apps offer you an excellent tool you can use to keep track of your weight loss goals. The question is, which apps offer the best features and offer you the most help?


LoseIt! is an excellent app for keeping track of the calories you eat each day. It allows you to input your weight and it calculates how many calories you need to lose weight. You can also record your exercise.


MyFitness Pal does many of the same things that LoseIt! does, but it also offers you a way to keep track of the amount of water you drink each day. This is very important for staying healthy and keeping your weight down.


MapMyRide is a popular app among people who like to track their distance when they’re riding their bikes, walking or running. It doesn’t offer a calorie counter, so it’s best to use it with other fitness apps.

CoolSculping will help you maximize your weight loss results, and it’s a great way to target your efforts. Everyone has those problem areas that just don’t seem to budge with regular diets and exercise plans. CoolSculpting offers you a pain-free way to really see all of your hard work pay off.

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