Do you ever feel like Father Time and Mother Nature gang up on you every year? Mother Nature will gladly give us wrinkles and sun spots if we spend too much time with her. Father Time gives us the gift of slower metabolisms, making it harder to lose weight.

A few simple tweaks to your daily routine can be the big difference between watching that belly fat disappear or watching it increase year over year.

First, switch out bad carbs for good ones. Foods such as cookies, doughnuts, white bread, and pasta of course taste delicious, though what they do to us internally isn’t so delightful. These carbs break down into sugars to fuel our bodies, though most often, that fuel never gets used so it’s turned into fat. Nutritionists recommend eating low glycemic index carbs such as fruits and veggies, and slow release carbohydrates like brown rice, oatmeal, and more.

Exercise is also key to losing weight and excess belly fat. The experts recommend exercising for at least 30 minutes four times per week. Whether you walk or train for a marathon, what matters is that you put in the work and exercise to your fitness level.

Reducing calories, maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise produce a winning combination to lose weight.

Making a complete lifestyle change can be difficult and some people find it helpful to get a head start by first undergoing a cosmetic change. A new, revolutionary fat elimination procedure called CoolSculpting has helped hundreds of thousands of people get rid of fat buildup in problem areas, and the process is totally non-invasive.

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