CoolSculpting Is Featured in Top Women’s and Men’s Magazines

Fat burning methods have been touted as quick, effective ways to lose unwanted fat, but there’s a newer method that’s been getting a lot of press. This noninvasive method, called CoolSculpting, involves freezing fat cells in order to destroy them. You might have seen CoolSculpting in the news. This innovative technique has been featured on […]

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Coolsculpting Testimonials From Real People Like You

“It’s been great for my self confidence,” said Cristina, a young woman who is quite athletic. “Now I wear fitted shirts,” said Chris, a young man with a winning smile. “No more muffin tops,” says Valerie, the mother of two young children. These are only a few of the many testimonials from people who have undergone […]

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Coolsculpting is in the News Everywhere!

From California to the Carolinas, CoolSculpting is increasing in popularity across the U.S. as an effective means of reducing fat and improving body image without surgery. Making headlines Due to its success and popularity, CoolSculpting has been increasingly seen in various media circles, including such authoritative news venues as “Good Morning America”, “Today Show”, CBS’ […]

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Want that Thigh Gap? Shape Magazine Showcases Coolsculpting

Once again, CoolSculpting is making positive waves in the news. Shape magazine has taken an in depth look at this FDA approved non-surgical procedure that eliminates body fat. This popular fitness magazine talks about the same procedure our CoolSculpting experts at Sensational Skin do on a daily basis.  The article focuses on how CoolSculpting can create thigh gap. The thighs are just the […]

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San Francisco DJ Dreena from 94.9 Gets Coolsculpting Live

Want the body that celebrities are choosing? Active men and women with busy professional lives are discovering the benefits of CoolSculpting to help them get rid of stubborn fat that is resistant to diet and exercise. One of the more high-profile recipients of this non-surgical fat reduction treatment is San Francisco’s DJ Dreena from Wild […]

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Fox 47 News Highlights Coolsculpting on Your Lunch Hour

Talk about multi-tasking: the speed and ease of CoolSculpting is leading many people to undergo the simple fat reduction treatment on a lunch break from work. Considering the procedure can take an hour or less and requires zero recovery time, it makes sense to choose this option for rapid weight loss. Fox 47 News just […]

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Elle Magazine Touts Coolsculpting as a Thigh Slimming Solution

We’ve seen incredible success with our patients here at Sensational Skin, and it’s exciting to see others having the same experiences. Recently, CoolSculpting was featured in the news in an article in Elle Magazine. The author gave a detailed account of her experience with CoolSculpting treatments, and she was thrilled with the results. She states […]

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Coolsculpting the New Alternative to Weight Loss Programs is the Media’s Darling

Ever notice how frequently the news media talks about the latest weight loss tips? That’s because everybody wants to know the newest, greatest ways to get rid of body fat. Unfortunately, so many fad diets and exercise tips fail to provide real help for stubborn fat. Patients of CoolSculpting have been getting vocal about their […]

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CoolSculpting Featured on The Doctors Show

Coolsculpting On The Doctor Show Doctors love spreading the word about revolutionary procedures. That’s why the physicians of the CBS show “The Doctors” recently chose to feature CoolSculpting! The show profiled real CoolSculpting patients and discussed the dramatic results of the procedure. One woman who had used CoolSculpting to tone her “saddlebag” thighs shared her […]

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Elle Magazine Touts Coolsculpting and the CoolSmooth Handle

What’s the best proven liposuction alternative? According to Elle, the world’s largest fashion magazine, that prestigious honor is bestowed on none other than CoolSculpting technology. Visit the press room at to find out who else loves CoolSculpting, (GQ is another magazine that loves this fat freezing procedure.) The skinny on CoolSculpting CoolSculpting uses fat […]

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