Which Exercises are the Perfect Complements to CoolSculpting?

You’ve decided to try CoolSculpting to boost your weight loss efforts and sculpt your body. Congratulations! You’ve joined a wonderful community of people who are finally getting to see great results from their hard work. You might be wondering which types of exercises will help you maintain your new, toned body. Read on! Aerobics Aerobic exercise is […]

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3 Tips to Make Your Workout More Fun

There’s a reason they call it “working out” – because it’s work! However, your exercise routine doesn’t have to be dull and boring. If it is, you probably won’t continue it for very long. To help, we’ve come up wit a few tips that can make your daily workouts much more enjoyable. Tip #1: Partner […]

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Are You Overweight or Just “Fluffy”?

There is a difference between someone who is overweight and someone who is just “fluffy.” Understanding the difference can help you pinpoint your weight loss goals and fat burning techniques. Are You Overweight? The best indicator of whether or not you are overweight is to check your BMI, which is your body mass index. There […]

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Debulking Before Dieting Kick-starts Your Success

If you struggle with your weight, perhaps you’ve come to a place where you desperately want to get in shape, but you’re just not sure where to start. Once you get motivated, it’s important to act quickly so that you don’t lose your determination. CoolSculpting is an excellent tool that can help you do exactly […]

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Overweight, but Healthy: Is It Actually Possible?

Maybe it sounds like it could be true: some people carry enough weight to be classified as obese, yet live an active lifestyle and claim to be healthy overall. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Fat reduction truly provides better health. Whether you’re a neighborhood jogger or a professional football player, research shows that obesity always […]

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Liposuction or CoolSculpting: Which is Better?

Liposuction Alternatives CoolSculpting and liposuction are both used to reduce fat; specifically fat that is resistant to dieting and exercise. You may be wondering, what is the difference between the two? Why should you choose CoolSculpting over the more traditional liposuction procedure? Consider the following factors: Invasiveness Liposuction involves surgery to suck the fat out […]

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Don’t Let Your Summer Wardrobe Hang in Your Closet! Choose CoolSculpting!

We may be entering the “dog days” of summer, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t still plenty of hot nights left to go out, have fun, and enjoy some time with someone you love the most. If you haven’t been able to make use of your favorite items from your summer wardrobe yet, CoolSculpting […]

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Should You Opt for Lap-Band Surgery or CoolSculpting?

The advent of the various types of weight loss procedures that are available now has done a lot to change the lives of people who want to lose weight. Gastric Bypass, the Gastric Sleeve and the Lap-Band procedures are beneficial for some people, however they all carry their own side effects and potential complications. Even […]

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Eliminate Your Problem Areas Once and for All with CoolSculpting

If you’ve been trying to lose weight, you probably have some problem areas that no amount of proper diet and exercise seems to touch. Perhaps you’re reading those words and you immediately start thinking about some areas of your body that you’ve been trying to work a bit harder on. If that sounds like you, and you […]

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The Best Apps for Maximizing Your Weight Loss

It’s no secret that mobile apps offer you an excellent tool you can use to keep track of your weight loss goals. The question is, which apps offer the best features and offer you the most help? LoseIt! LoseIt! is an excellent app for keeping track of the calories you eat each day. It allows […]

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