The Hard Truth About Fad Diets

Every year it seems like more and more people are trying fad diets in their attempts to lose weight. This year, gluten free diets seem to be all the rage. Last year, everyone was juicing in an attempt to purify their digestive systems and detox their bodies. The fact is that there really is no […]

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Fat Reduction Tips: 3 Ways to Reduce Belly Fat

If you’re a man or a woman who has belly fat, you’ve probably done a great deal of research in an effort to find a way to get rid of it. There are plenty of things you can do that will help in fat reduction, and you can even get started right away. Tip #1: […]

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Weight Loss Pointers for Guys Interested in CoolSculpting

Men and women lose weight differently, and it can be difficult for men to know exactly how to proceed with a weight loss plan. If you’re a guy, today we’d like to offer a few pointers for you, especially if you’re interested in using CoolSculpting to help you get even better results. Tip #1: Avoid overeating […]

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Summer’s Not Over Yet! CoolSculpting Can Still Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Summer Isn’t Over Yet If you’re like many people, you probably started a rigorous diet and exercise when summer rolled around. You were excited to work on getting that beach body, and you were sure you could make it happen pretty quickly. Even though we’ve been enjoying summer for a few months now, it’s far […]

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It’s in the News: Fat Freezing Works

As a country, the obesity rate keeps on climbing. That means people are constantly looking for the best ways to lose weight and not only lose it, but keep it off for good. News channels all over the country are running stories about fat freezing techniques like CoolSculpting, and they’re singing their praises because those who […]

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CoolSculpting for Men: There’s Still Plenty of Time for You to Get in Shape for Summer

A few months ago you knew you had to get yourself in gear and start working out and eating better so that you could get back in shape for summer. Whether family commitments slowed you down, or you had some serious deadlines to hit at work that resulted in lots of fast food dinners, you […]

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Teens – Coolsculpting Works for You

Gaining weight is difficult as an adult. However, teenagers experience and entirely different sense of shame and even depression when they’ve gained weight. If you’re a teen who has experienced an increase in your weight recently, you’ve probably spent a fair amount of time researching ways to get rid of it. Weight Loss Techniques to […]

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Debulking with Coolsculpting Boosts Body Contouring

Being overweight can result in depression for many people. Perhaps you can relate, and you’ve felt so down about yourself for so long, you’re not sure you’re ever going to fee comfortable in your own skin again. If that sounds like you, the CoolSculpting procedure could be the perfect solution for you. In fact, we’ve […]

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Restore Your Hourglass Shape with Coolsculpting

Remember the days of your youth when you had a perfect figure? All of your clothes fit perfectly, and you never had to worry about any of them being too snug when you took them out of storage at the start of a new season. Most of us would love to get back our hourglass […]

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Look Great in that New Sundress with Non Surgical Body Sculpting

Ladies, one of the things we love the most about summertime is being able to wear all of the beautiful clothes we have to put away in the fall. If you’re like most women, you probably couldn’t wait to go shopping for the latest sundresses, tank tops and swimsuits this year. However, winter does have […]

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