GQ Features Coolsculpting as a the Perfect Treatment for a Flabby Belly

As more people take note of the incredible results of CoolSculpting, style experts have begun touting the procedure as the next big thing in dealing with flabby stomachs. GQ even recently profiled CoolSculpting as a “holy grail” of non-invasive fat removal. The men’s lifestyle and culture magazine featured doctors and patients of CoolSculpting in its […]

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Top 3 Weight Loss Problem Areas for Men

Women frequently have certain areas that are problematic when it comes to losing weight, but men can have difficulty too. If you’re a man who’s experienced trouble with weight loss in the past, CoolSculpting is an excellent option for you. Do any of these sound familiar to you? The Beer Belly Unfortunately, the stomach is […]

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Is Fat Freezing with CoolSculpting Painful?

Many potential patients call us on a regular basis, and they always want to know if fat freezing with the CoolSculpting procedure is painful. The answer is no, and today we’d like to discuss why.  CoolSculpting is Non-Invasive Unlike other forms of fat reduction, such as Liposuction, CoolSculpting is non-invasive. The procedure involves no injections […]

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Is CoolSculpting Really an Alternative to Weight Loss Surgery?

In an effort to lose weight, many people are opting to have gastric bypass surgery or another type of weight loss surgery. Many of them have been struggling with being overweight for years, and surgery seems like a way to help them achieve their goals. Perhaps you can relate, and you’re contemplating having weight loss surgery […]

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Is the Paleo Diet a Good Option for Weight Loss?

In your quest for weight loss, you’ve probably come across many different diet plans. One plan is the Paleo Diet, which encourages you to stop eating sugar, wheat and flour. Some of the top health experts are singing its praises, so if you’re interested in this method, here are a few tips:  Tip #1: Start simple – […]

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3 Reasons to Join a Gym After Having the CoolSculpting Procedure

You’ve made the decision to have CoolSculpting, and you’re not sure what should happen next. Can you go back to your old lifestyle? Should you change your eating patterns? While CoolSculpting is effective, you’ll get the best results by investing in a more healthy lifestyle, and joining a gym is a good place to start […]

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How Important is Sleep to Helping You Reach Your Weight Loss Goals?

Is Sleep Important to Weight Loss? When we think about weight loss, most of us don’t take the time to consider everything that might be hindering our progress. We tend to focus on making sure we’re eating nutritious food and getting enough exercise, but there are other factors that could be contributing to your sluggish […]

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CoolSculpting: Your Answer to Unwanted Body Fat

The world is obsessed with skinny and that’s why even if you have an ounce of excess body fat, you will start feeling embarrassed and out of place. Today, unwanted body fat has become a major problem with fast-paced lifestyles and unhealthy eating habits. That is why we think CoolSculpting is the perfect solution for […]

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What Happens to Your Fat Cells During and After Coolsculpting?

Many of the procedures used to deal with stubborn pockets of body fat can do harm to the surrounding tissue. In most cases, these procedures involve extracting, burning or shattering fat cells. CoolSculpting is precise in that its effects are limited to fat cells thus making it a safer procedure with shorter downtime. So how […]

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Let CoolSculpting be the First Step You Take to Improve Your Health

If you’re like many people, you’ve started and stopped many weight loss programs over the years. It can be difficult to stay motivated when it takes such a long time to see any real payoff from all of your hard work and effort. Even so, that nagging feeling is always in the back of your […]

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