Banish Upper Arm Fat with Cool Sculpting

Arm lifts are this spring and summer’s hottest cosmetic surgery procedure. Women (and a surprising number of men) want to trade their bat wings for Michele Obama’s well-toned upper arms. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ annual survey, 15,457 American women and 321 men had upper arm lifts in 2012. Since 2000, upper arm […]

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Guys, Look Great This Summer with Cool Sculpting for Men

CoolFit Away Those Unwanted Fatty Sections Memorial Day is nearly here and the weather is heating up. Soon men will be whipping off their shirts to beat the heat as they play on the beach, chill by the pool or sweat over lawn and gardening chores. So guys, take a good look in the mirror […]

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CoolSculpting Makes Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Want to show mom how much you appreciate her? Tuck a gift certificate for Scottsdale CoolSculpting into the bouquet of flowers or card you give her on Mother’s Day. (A CoolSculpting by Sensational Skin gift certificate also makes a terrific last-minute gift if you forgot the big day is this Sunday, May 12.) Pregnancy takes […]

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Ditch Problem Areas with Cool Sculpting

Love handles, muffin top, beer belly, chicken wings– we may give our fat cute little names but there’s nothing cute about excess fat. Not only do stubborn fat accumulations mar our appearance, they take a toll on our self-esteem. We may grin and bear it when our spouse grabs our love handles or pats our […]

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CoolSculpting Can Improve Your Body Image

Most people have a complicated relationship with their body. When you feel good about the way your body looks and feels you feel confident and empowered. But when you’re not happy with your body shape you may feel considerably less confident. Food and exercise affect the way your body looks, but it’s a two-way street. Body […]

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Banish Chicken Wings with Cool Sculpting

Chicken wings are hot this year, and we’re not talking about fried poultry. Upper arm lifts to banish excess fat and give arms a more attractive, toned appearance are this year’s hot ticket cosmetic surgery procedure. Demand for upper arm lifts has grown dramatically over the past decade, according to the American Society of Plastic […]

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CoolSculpting Offers Men Fast, Painless Alternative to Cosmetic Surgery

It may not be macho to worry about your appearance; but it is human. Despite their protestations, men are not immune to vanity. Actually, a little vanity is a good thing. Taking pride in your appearance boosts your self-confidence which pays off in the workplace and at home. Self-confident men are more likely to succeed […]

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Get Ready for Swimsuit Season with CoolSculpting

The countdown has begun. Just 4 more weeks until Memorial Day and the official start of pool season. If you don’t have a perfect body (and who does?), you’re probably dreading trying on swimsuits. There’s nothing like getting up close and personal with your flabby tummy and chunky thighs to dampen your enthusiasm for the […]

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Exercises Can Help Minimize Muffin Top

Hula Hooping Exercise No one wants to see an unattractive muffin top spilling over the waistband of summer shorts or poking out under cropped tops. Muffin tops are hard to get rid of, but a healthy diet and targeted exercise program can help minimize the winter buildup of excess abdominal fat. A combination of cardio exercises to […]

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Banish Problem Areas with Cool Sculpting

Summer is coming and those annoying problem areas you’ve been able to hide under winter sweaters and pleated slacks will soon be exposed for all to see. Sassy summer shorts, stomach-baring cropped tops and darling little bikinis are fun to wear but do show off every unwanted bump and bulge. High-waist shorts with wide, flat waist […]

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