Love Handles Aren’t So Lovable

The Love Handles Issue Love handles conjure up a picture of a man and woman standing face-to-face, his arms around her, her hands playfully tugging at his love handles as she smiles into his eyes. How romantic, you think. Let’s get real! For “love handles” substitute the more realistic “her hands grabbing the chunks of […]

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Stay Ahead of Work Place Health Curve with CoolSculpting

In corporate America, fat is out and thin is in! In recent years the high cost of health care has given rise to a corporate movement to improve employee health. A healthy employee is not only a happier employee, he or she is also less expensive to insure. Uncertainty over how the new federal health insurance requirements […]

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How to Get Rid of Muffin Top

There’s only one kind of muffin top that’s yummy and it’s not the one hanging around your middle and flowing over the waistband of your jeans! Unsightly and all too evident in warm and sunny Arizona where light-weight summer clothing, shorts and bathing suits are year-round attire, muffin top is hard to lose once it settles […]

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RealSelf Gives CoolSculpting High Rating

In RealSelf ratings  CoolSculpting scored on par with liposuction for patient satisfaction with results. In the site’s “Worth It” ratings, CoolSculpting received a 71% from 619 site users. Liposuction scored only marginally higher, receiving a 76% rating. Many people don’t feel the minor 5% satisfaction difference between CoolSculpting, a completely non-invasive procedure that requires no down-time, […]

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Look Fabulous on Your Wedding Day with Cool Sculpting

Every woman wants to feel like a princess on her wedding day. With all eyes focused on you as you walk down the aisle and into the arms of your handsome prince, you want everything to be perfect: your hair, your makeup, your dress and especially the body under your wedding dress! Every bride has […]

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Get Rid of Post-Pregnancy Belly Bump with Cool Sculpting

Before your baby is born, you’re understandably proud to show off your baby bump. It’s amazing to feel a new life growing inside you. You are totally focused on the changes your body is going through as your baby — and belly — grows. Most women simply assume that their body will snap back to […]

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Get Rid of Belly Fat with a Little Help from Cool Sculpting

As we age it’s harder to keep our curves where we want them. With every passing year excess fat seems more inclined to migrate toward our mid-section. We may try to hide our embarrassingly protruding stomach behind names like beer belly, donut and muffin top; but the sad fact is that belly fat is not […]

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Cool Sculpting Makes Dynamite Dad’s Day Gift

Father’s Day is fast approaching; mark your calendar for Sunday, June 16. Dads can be tough to shop for. It takes inspiration to avoid getting stuck in the same old gift-giving rut, but your dad is worth a little extra thought and effort. This Father’s Day, forget the boring shirt and tie or box of golf […]

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Conquer ‘Beauty Bias’ with Cool Sculpting

In today’s world of political correctness, we may not like to admit it, but we humans seem to have a natural bias that favors attractiveness. Attractive people get preferential treatment. Physically attractive men and women are more likely to have better jobs, make more money and be promoted faster than their plainer peers. Numerous studies […]

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Tips for Reducing Unsightly Muffin Top

Muffin top is the aptly descriptive name we give unsightly fat that oozes over the waistband of our too-tight jeans or bulges out at the top of our favorite belt. We may try to hide our fat bulges behind cute little names but there’s nothing attractive about a roll of flab (we might as well […]

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